Hello and welcome. My introduction will be brief, but feel free to grab a warm cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate or any other drink and get comfy.

Well, let me start by saying there isn’t too much to say about me, and I really won’t get into too much detail; I don’t share EVERYTHING about my private life. 

Allow me to say a few quick things:
‡I hope to one day, hopefully soon, move back to my home state. I just need to save up my money. 

‡I’m a shy and quiet person. Just who I am. I can be random at times too. 

‡I do not like being called EMO/GOTH. I don’t see how I am. I am…me. 

‡I do have trust issues. If you betray my trust, you’ll have a difficult time earning it back. 

‡I have little patience for those who are incompetent, bombastic, or just think they’re flat out better than everyone else. Go brag somewhere else. 

‡I dislike people who are judgemental. As my quote goes: “You don’t know me, so you have no right to judge me.”

I do enjoy writing. A lot. My writing needs a lot of improvement though, and I guess it’s to be expected since I never had any sort of creative writing classes. I didn’t even go to college. I’m currently working on two stories. One is a vampire story, which I have been writing/constantly tweaking since high school, and the other is a horror story which I have been working on for a while now too. I’ll get into more depth with those later. I might even post a few excerpts. I also write poems.

Drawing is also one of my other hobbies. I never had any art classes either. I might decide to post a few, I’m not too sure yet. When I’m not drawing or writing, my nose will more then likely be buried in a book. Or I’ll be talking with my friends. Or I’ll be playing video games.

My mind does wander quite a bit. It’s very active. That might explain why I have difficulties sleeping. But anyway, I’m not sure what all else to say. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. No, I do not accept anonymous questions. 

Let me see if my Japanese is as good as it used to be:

私の名前は オータムです。

My mind has a mind of its own…